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Testbed 2017

The technicians, who work in the Motor Sports, show us how the analysis of telemetry data is the basis of success in racing. Testbed 2017 makes easier this step, because it’s designed with an intuitive interface, which leads user from importing files telemetry to the graphical display and analysis of data. Testbed 2017 speeds up the car set-up process and improve driving performance. With Testbed 2016 will be easy to get the most out of your instruments : knowledge and analysis of telemetry data allow the pilot or technician to act in a targeted manner on the source of the problem, improving performance. Testbed 2017 is a computer software aimed at anyone who wants to have a detailed analysis of telemetry data in the field of R/C Racing competition.

Sanwa & Windows 10 Support

All software are compatible with Sanwa 2.4 GHz radio M12, M12S, Exzes-Z and Exzes-ZZ (with modulation FH2 , FH3 , and FH4) and Windows O.S.

Professional Telemetry

Testbed series products meet high quality standards. From EF (Experience Feedback) we are about to release a new product family ” Testbed 2017 “. We listened customers’s opinions and advice to achieve a smart and targeted software for professional users in the R/C car. Testbed product family give you several benefits like: Higher quality Higher productivity Customized function

Optimal Racing Line

New algorithm to find the best path to follow to reach the best time lap.

Camera Car ready

Ready to use a camera car on board! Link video (on board or paddock view); study the track and discover your mistake! With up to 6 sensor support and plotting: RPM, Throttle, Brake, Steering, Temp 1, Temp 2.

TestBed Professional 2017

Fidelio Telemetry

Fidelio: 1st Telemetry Software for R/C Car!
Over 3000 customers have chosen Fidelio to boost their R/C Radio Telemetry.

Our corporate culture encourages making a positive impact on the lives of each employee through mutual trust and respect, personal achievement, and individual leadership. At Fidelio we have a dedicated group of highly-motivated team players whose balance of hard work and fun have made us one of the most successful software companies. When it comes to industry leadership, few can match the global presence and impact of Fidelio. Certainly, it’s a success we owe to our dedicated employees. That’s why we work equally as hard for you, to provide comprehensive and flexible benefits that most closely meet your needs. Over 3000 individual customers have chosen Fidelio to improve and manage their RC Car telemtry system and boost their radio.

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Executive Managment Team

We always work to provide the best service and we strive for perfection: it is a hard goal to achieve but we can hold it! Along the way however, its always nice to hear that we provided our best and we really want to say thanks to our customers for helping and supporting our projects!

G. Martelli

Chief Techincal Officer
Giovanni is responsable for forming the future vision and strategy for all Fidelio’s products. He has seen Fidelio grow up from a hobby to business. As a Mechanical Engineer he took part in the software development of the most complex algorithms (such as the Spark Al).

C. Hunag

Chief Techincal Test Officer
Chuanqi leads the Fidelio’s test team. He joined Fidelio in 2014 with 4 years of experience across the full spectrum business where he managed multiple team.

S. Bianco

Chief Marketing Officer

F. Manis

Press Officer

Customers opinion about our telemetry products.

TestBed Professional 2017

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